Sunday, September 2, 2012

Inflatable Outdoor Movie Rentals

This is the time of year when we start to enjoy the end of Summer, have family reunions, go to sporting events and prepare for many Fall parties.  If you are anything like me, you love to do something different at every party you host.  One perk of owning an event rental company is I can pick and choose what inflatable I want to set up for the kids or what concession I feel like bringing home from the warehouse.

This Fall we are trying to do things even better and what better way than a 16' inflatable outdoor movie screen. I think I can probably speak for anyone and say that movies are always a great way to get people together.  It's relaxing, fulfilling and you can even get full on popcorn and soda.

Renting an inflatable movie screen this Fall will make your party a huge success.  All you have to do is provide the DVD of your choice and we will provide the rest!

Happy Party Planning!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Free Bounce House Rental

Thank you for your business and support this year!  We take great pride in helping our clients have a great experience with our company as we provide entertainment for many birthday parties and corporate events.
 We are going to give you a chance to win a free weekday bounce house rental.  This is a competition and here is what you can do to:
1.  Like us on Facebook at - Not only will you be able to keep up with new party ideas, but you will have a chance to win the free rental.
2.  Post a picture of your party that we attended or provided services for.  If you have not used our services yet this year, post a picture of any birthday party or event you have hosted in 2012.
3. Write a short comment on what you liked about the bounce house you rented or our services. 
4.  Get your friends and family to "like" your picture on our page. All they have to do is "like" our page, find your picture and click "like".  
 The person  with the most "likes" on their picture will win the free Castle Bounce House  for 6 hours, any day Monday-Friday. There is no rental fee, no sales tax, but we will charge our standard delivery fee.  Usually, the fee is between $5-$20 depending on how far you live from our Noblesville warehouse.
The last day to post your picture will be on July 31st and the winner will be announced on August 1st.  If there is a tie, we will do a drawing to pick the winner. 
 Good Luck!
 Nate and Becky
KidZone Party Rentals 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beat The Heat With An Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable water slides are great for many reasons, but the main reason is to enjoy your Summer Parties without being stuck inside.  There are now a large selection of inflatable water slides for kids, teenagers and even adults to enjoy for parties.

Bounce house slide combos with pools can be used for kids ages 3-10.  These slides are very interactive as the kids can bounce and slide with one unit.  An inflatable slip-n-slide is great for individuals ages 8 and up.  These units can be great for large parties as kids run to the inflatable and dive head first 30' long.

For large parties with teenagers and very active young kids, you may may find a 19' Wild Wave water slide more suitable for your event.  The picture above is of the Wild Wave with splash pool.  This inflatable has a 10 1/2' base height to allow riders to quickly move the the bottom of the slide.

For any questions or additional information on water slides, please call KidZone Party Rentals at 777-2404.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hugging 101: How Real Men Show Affection to their Children

We are in this business to provide fun to all families that we encounter.  One way for parents to have fun with their kids is to hug them!  This is for you dads.....

Studies have shown that physical affection can benefit children in countless ways. Hugging your children can boost their self-esteem, gives them a sense of security and can even increase their IQ. Hugging can actually create chemical reactions that reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Why do many men have absolutely no idea how to hug? We’ve see a variety of pseudo-hugs techniques that don’t quite convey the intended message.
 The sideways hug
 The back pat
 The 5 second hug
 The handshake/ hug combo

Many men have grown up in a generation where physical affection from their parents was a foreign concept. Hearing “I love you” or being on the receiving end of bear hug from dad was just not typical behavior. It was a generational thing– men were firm household providers- hug the kids? Huh-uh, leave that to mom.
Men- It’s OK to hug your kids, in fact hug them every day. Look them in the eyes and tell them you love them- tell your children why they’re unique and special. Time moves on and with it your window of influence in their lives. Going to soccer games is great, working hard to provide a relaxing vacation is admirable, hugging your children is essential. The benefits of a good hug are tremendous and certainly not limited to your children.

Bill Keane, the Family Circus cartoonist put it like this “A hug is like a boomerang, you get it back right away.”

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Things to Remember When Planning Spring Events for Your Kid’s School

Spring carnivals and end of school parties will be here in the coming weeks.   If committee chair is one of the balls you’re currently juggling- you’re in the homestretch.    Have you forgotten anything?  Here are a few thoughts to help you finish strong.

·         Confirm everything- Chances are your staff is made up volunteers that like you are stretching the limits of what can be accomplished in a 24 hour day.    People can easily forget to write things in their calendar or have unforeseen circumstances pop up.  It’s better to know now, than two hours before the event. 
·         Keep your sense of humor-   As much as you would like, you can’t fire a volunteer.   Smile, even when you’re dealing with the most difficult personalities.  Everyone wants a successful event, but opinions on what that looks like and how you get there vary from person to person. 
·         Bend, but don’t break-   Things will not always go according to your master plan.  Have a couple people available that can serve as floaters and help out where the need arises.  It’s ok to be flexible while still adhering to the agenda. 
·         Remember why you’re doing this-   At some point you will probably promise yourself you will NEVER volunteer to plan an event of this magnitude again.    When negative thoughts surface, think about why you agreed to assume a leadership position.   It’s easy to get muddled down by the process unless you focus on the goal.
·         Take great notes-  Right now you’re at the summit of the mountain, but soon someone else will be at the base looking up at a great deal of work.  Some of the things you tried have worked well; other things didn’t work as planned.  A review of the vendors you utilized will be especially helpful- this will eliminate poor performers and provide contact information for those that provided exceptional service.    A detailed review will help future leaders succeed without some of the bumps in the road you encountered.   

Your goal is in sight, congratulation for stepping up to the plate for your school, church or organization. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rent Tables and Chairs in Indianapolis

Are you in need of a few extra tables and chairs for your Christmas and New Year Parties?  If so, we have them.  All of our bounce houses are packed away for the winter, but the tables and chairs are still available.  Please look at the link below and visit our site for all information needed to rent tables and chairs.  You can also call us at 777-2404.  We look forward to serving you and your party!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bounce For Hunger

Join us on December 29th, from 5-8PM and your kids can "Bounce For Hunger"! Bountiful Bouncing and KidZone Party Rentals will be partnering with White River Christian Christian Church of Noblesville to fill up the food pantry for local families. All you have to do is bring each child with a bag of can goods and they will have access to all 6 of the inflatables in the church. This is a great Outreach and something to do during Christmas Break! Please read the attached link for details.